Tasaaga Primary School for Orphans & Vulnerable Children, Sitabaale    


TASAAGA’s Primary School for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) has been serving families in Uganda’s Busukuma Sub-County and the Kome Islands since 2007. Orphans attend and board at the OVC School for free while vulnerable children – those with only one parent, non-parental caretakers, HIV, or other serious medical needs – receive discounted tuition and boarding. TASAAGA staff get to know each child’s individual situation to determine an appropriate fee structure for every student. Of TASAAGA’s roughly 150 students per year, 40% are typically considered orphaned or vulnerable and around 70% of those students receive full scholarships.

East Africa Secondary and Vocational School, Sitabaale


In 2018, we funded the initiation of the East Africa Secondary and Vocational School in Sitabaale, which provides vocational training in tailoring, hairdressing, and woodworking.

Despite a 100% primary school graduation rate, many of the TASAAGA's OVC Primary School students cannot afford to attend secondary school, which costs between $300 and $450 per year. As a result, Bruhan watched as many of his students struggled to find a job. In response, he established vocational training for skill sets that are in high demand. The students pay a small fee to take part in the program while the majority of the funding comes from Friends of TASAAGA.

Musawo Clinic, Kimi Island       


TASAAGA has been serving communities in the Ssese Islands for over a decade. One of its most successful achievements was establishing and beginning operations of the first medical clinic on Kimi Island in September 2017. Prior to this clinic, Kimi Island residents and individuals from neighboring islands Myende, Bugiri, and Nsazi had to pay to travel nearly 4 hours by boat to receive medical care. Kimi island's roughly 3,000 residents and surrounding islands were unable to receive medications, children had limited access to healthcare, and women were left to give birth at home or risk the lengthy trip to a mainland hospital.

In October, 2017, just a month after the clinic opened, a fire broke out that took 4 lives and destroyed nearly every building on the island, including the Musawo Clinic. In response to this tragedy, Friends of TASAAGA held an emergency fundraising campaign raising over $6,000 in one month. These generous donations were enough to rebuild the clinic, reenforce it with aluminum siding to reduce the risk of it catching fire again, and install solar panels. The clinic houses a pharmacy, and exam, antenatal, and delivery rooms. In addition to constructing the building, Friends of TASAAGA continues to provide funding for medical staff and supplies.