Friends of TASAAGA is always looking for partnership opportunities to increase the breadth of quality support provided to TASAAGA’s three primary projects: the TASAAGA Primary School, the TASAAGA Secondary & vocational School, and the TASAAGA Musawo Clinic on Kimi Island.

We currently partner with UK-Based, TAsaaga Primary School and US-Based, A reason to Smile. Learn more about our partners below.

If your organization is interested in partnership opportunities, please email us at

TASAAGA PRimary SChool

TASAAGA PRimary SChool

TASAAGA has always benefited from international volunteer support. In 2018, Friends of TASAAGA partnered with the Newly established UK-Based organization called, TASAAGA Primary School, who has taken over support and operations for the nearly 300 primary care student’s enrolled in TASAAGA’s Primary School.

In close coordination, Friends of TASAAGA and TASAAGA Primary School work with Bruhan and TASAAGA staff to delivery high-quality education and support to both the TASAAGA Primary School and TASAAGA Secondary & Vocational School.

Please click the above link to learn more about the TASAAGA Primary School and its work.

A Reason to Smile (ARTS) is a dental non-profit based in Southern Shores, North Carolina - USA. ARTS mission is to empower communities without access to dental professionals to achieve and maintain a higher level of oral health by providing hygiene education, direct treatment, and dental supplies.

ARTS operates annual trips to both Senegal and Uganda, partnering with Bruhan and TASAAGA to execute a high-impact outreach and execution campaign while in Uganda.

ARTS leverages volunteers for their annual trips - if you have interest in volunteering or donating to their cause, click their picture above to learn more.