TASAAGA Launches New Vocational School in Sitabaale

January 9, 2018

Friends of TASAAGA is excited to announce that it will be supporting the establishment of TASAAGA's newest program: the East Africa Secondary and Vocational School in Sitabaale. 

Despite a 100% primary school graduation rate at TASAAGA's School for Orphans and Vulnerable Children, many of the students cannot afford to attend secondary school, which costs between $300 and $450 per year. As a result, Bruhan watched as many of his students struggled to find a job. In response, he established vocational training for tailoring, hair dressing, and carpentry. The students will pay a small fee to take part in the program while additional funding will come from Friends of TASAAGA.

We're excited to follow Bruhan as he launches this program and will report back on its progress through this inaugural year!